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so by now I’m sure you’ve all seen the announcement Ken Penders made on his forum, saying that he’s going forward with his plans for “The Lara-su Chronicles.”

Naturally, everyone has responded with the fears that Penders won, that we’ll never see any of the Archie characters ever again, etc. etc.

However, I’d like to bring something to people’s attention.

But Raz, you might say, what does a image from an old Free Comic Book Day issue that’s several years old have to do with this? Well, first of all, it’s not an image from a Free Comic Book Day issue. It’s an image from a reprint of an old Free Comic Book Day issue from the last “Sonic Super Special Magazine”.

And what’s also important is who is in that image. Namely, Julie-su.

Now, some of you might remember that several “Super Special Magazine” issues ago, characters created by Penders were persona non grata, with pages where they appear not being included in the comic itself. And yet, here, in a issue recently published, we have one of them showing up clear as day, being named onscreen.

This is a far cry from the situation we were in several months ago, with plots being changed, characters being referred to as if they were ghosts, and solicitations being contradicted by the final issue or showing reversals.

Furthermore, several months ago, Ken Penders himself said in a post on his website that "Archie was free to use his characters." After that, the case continued on, not out of a debate over ownership, but because they were still debating how much the characters of Penders’ upcoming work could “look like they were part of a the Sonic universe.” The issue of who owned what appeared to be secondary, and the aforementioned Super Special was published in said time frame.

What does this mean? It means that somewhere along the line, Archie’s legal team’s stance on what or who they couldn’t show CHANGED SIGNIFICANTLY. A Penders character was back and on full display, without the story being modified or any effort being made to censor her.

I’m not saying that I think that everything will be hunky dory. Ian Flynn himself did say changes were coming. But at the same time, there’s still hope, no matter how small, that things could still turn out for the best - or at least, not as terrible as we might think.

I have no love for Ken Penders. I don’t think this case should have gotten as far as it did, but this is the reality we live in now - depending on what it is. And the comic needs us, the fans, more than ever right now, and for us to support it and not give into fear and worst case scenarios. There’s still plenty of reasons to be hopeful… and even if the worst comes to pass, we still have one of the greatest creative teams the book has ever had in charge of Sonic’s further adventures.

Be strong, everyone. And remember, things are never really as bad as they seem.

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