A Razorsaw's Edge






You know what I would do if I was allowed to write an official Transformers comic series?

I’d find an obscure character that only ever had one toy back in the eighties.

Buy up all those toys.

Put the character in the comics.


Actually, many of the characters showing up in RiD lately are depicted in bodies based on their War for/Fall of Cybertron designs, many of which are or have been on shelves. In particular, Soundwave, Shockwave, Jazz, Sideswipe, and Starscream are out right now.

Additionally, they just announced Generations toys based on IDW’s Orion Pax, Stealth Bomber Megatron, and Bumblebee’s design from the ongoing. They’re also doing a Voyager based on Springer’s Last Stand of the Wreckers design.

So, yeah, they’re out there/are coming if you want them. Sadly no Turmoil figure, though, but maybe one day he’ll make the jump like Drift did!

Well yeah, but those are very common characters to be made into toys. We’re talking about the more obscure characters, the ones who have never been on TV. Drift does give me hope for some of the others, though. We shall see.

edit: I already own all the WFC/FOC toys you mentioned, save for the ones that haven’t been released yet XD

I see. My apologies. I misinterpreted you.